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CRM systems

slide5 CRM – customer relationship management software

Management software customer relationship based on an online system for business management and automation of the company / organization. There are different types of CRM systems depending on the type of organization, peer interaction relations, depth of the statements and information.
Part of CRM systems serve only management of the company, others – overall processe incl. Payments, Marketing, product management of goods and products.

Virtually all of the data using the data for potential and current customers, partners, competitors and employees. The aim of CRM-software is to manage the customer through the entire lifecycle – from initial establishment of contact – the processing of orders and tracking of payments.

CRM software allows remote monitoring and control of many activities related to marketing, sales and customer service. Actual data for address, phone, sales and marketing campaigns are very important for the successful functioning of any organization.
The aim is to achieve better relationships with customers, actual awareness of employees and higher revenues through greater sales volume and fewer lost customers.

CRM software helps the company to achieve its dealings with clients, analyzing the performance indicators contained in the CRM software about customer lifecycle behavior. Updating and customer references in the records, enabling online or telephone support in real time, improving internal efficiency are part of the most important benefits of CRM systems.

We developed a number of CRM systems for variety of companies like Flowers To AmericaAllUAutoTaxLease Consultants, etc.