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E-Commerce Development and Consulting

With our  20 years professional experience and over 20 years in computing  in use of Internet for commercial purposes, we serve our clients with advice and help during implementation of transitions in their businesses. We provide eCommerce strategy formulation, search engine positioning strategies, search engine marketing campaigns, website usability analysis and shopping-experience consulting, eCommerce analytic s, and complete development , design and analysis of your eCommerce website in general. The main goal is to maximize gains that Internet gives to the business, to decrease costs of processes supported, and as a consequence: to maximize the company turnover and profits.

Our eCommerce consulting and development services include:


  • market research;
  • Setting up Business
  • Ecommerce functionality and features
  • Design;
  • web-development and
  • eCommerce integration with shopping carts and payment gateways;
  • integration of Internet tools with the other software used in your company;
  • Search Engine Optimization and online marketing;
  • Vendor Management
  • usability testing;


See some of our eCommerce projects:

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  • Flowers To France
  • NeckTies. EU