Terms and Conditions

The Internet Office LLC, is a private company focused on Internet solutions, e-commerce, and web applications.

We are providing services like hosting, web development, Internet marketing analysis, on a prepaid basis.

  1. Hosting services
    1. We are providing hosting services on LAMP (Linux, Apache,MySQL,PHP) platform with WHM/cPanel for our clients.
    2. All services are on a prepaid basis, and the platform is synchronized with the best practices for hosting and security.
    3. The Internet Office LLC has the right to limit, suspend or cancel hosting service in case of:
      1. The fee is not paid for more than 2 weeks.
      2. There is suspicious activity, spam, or potential security risk, associated with the uploaded files or emails of the account.
      3. The client is using the hosting platform to generate suspicious emails or perform activity against the law.
    4. Keeping a backup of the website/s is the responsibility of each client. The Internet Office LLC can assist with support and eventually restoring a backup, but keeping a fresh copy of the website, functionality, and security of the website is the responsibility of the clients.
    5. The Internet Office LLC, is not responsible and cannot be held liable for any interruption of the service or loss of information,
  2. eCommerce.
    1. The Internet office LLC provides information and services for our clients by established eCommerce platforms we own, or use included but ot limited to Amazon, eBay, own websites, mobile apps.
    2. We are using third-party payment gateways and do not store any payment information on our servers like credit or debit card information.
    3. Products we are selling are on an as-is basis
  3. For any questions, please email info@internet-office.us, phone (303) 999-8434‬.